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The 120th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

This show with guest: VIELS

Class 1990, Viels born in a little city outside Milan (Italy) where he started to make music at the age of 13 years old. He discovered the techno culture once he received as a gift a book called “ TECHNO “ by Christian Zingales. From that day Viels started to make music and he released is first Ep on december 2015 with Initial Berlin then after 3 months his debut on the dutch label Dynamic Reflection, which confirmed his residency with the last Ep "Distrophism”. He’s new contribution for the 10 years of Dynamic Reflection gave him a big opportunity to share his music with the best artists on the scene like: Donato Dozzy, Mike Parker, Shifted, Oscar Mulero, Blawan, Ness, Jeroen Search and many more. A new imprint called "End Of Perception” was just launched by him and Francesco della Sala, which is actually going to release the third chapter of their VA series. With a frequenting an increasing number of quality line-ups all over the world (Los Angeles, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Milano), with the likes of The Gods Planet, Svreca and Dasha Rush to name but a few, he grew up and at the moment is going to be apart of the new born booking agency Astrale AM.




01. Svarog - Spark
02. Surt - Tiber
03. Svarog - Decepticons
04. Deepbass & Ness - Unreleased
05. Tekra - Reprisal
06. Stefan Vincent - Unreleased
07. Par Grindvik - Hideou
08. Eyth - Yans
09. Kalter Ende - Small Star
10. Tensal - Development 2
11. Shingo Suwa - R345
12. Shifted - Unreleased
13. Roll Dann - Gran Forma
14. Unreleased
15. Viels - Unreleased
16. Maccaaria - Nstrsprdsscrs