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The 112th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

This show with guest: OSSA DI MARE

With their dark, provocative and captivating style of techno, Ossa di Mare marks a collaboration between two experimental artists who focus in producing effortless and ethereal techno. Following their first collaboration in London in 2014, the duo have since refined and built their sound into a tangible level of mastery that immerses the listener while altering perception of time, allowing one to linger in every subtle nuance and detail.

Next Suburban Mix: GOEDEL



01. Yair Elazar Glotman - Home Port
02. Ossa di Mare - Cepheid Type I
03. Ossa di Mare - Unreleased
04. Ossa di Mare - Anomalous Cepheid
05. Pappenheimer - Religio
06. Reeko - Capiotulo 5
07. Ossa di Mare - Leviathan
08. Ossa di Mare - Concord Dawn
09. Ossa di Mare - Unreleased
10. Ossa di Mare - Unreleased
11. TWCOR - Minor Planets
12. Emmanuel - Hoary
13. Rebekah - Eighties With You
14. Drhamer, Sibling - Arvum
15. Ossa di Mare - Unreleased