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The 110th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

This show with guest: DAWL

Dawl is a founding member of the Tone Dropout family and co runs Tone Dropout Records along side Sween. Dawl had his first vinyl release in 2013 on Tone Dropout Vol 1, since then he has featured on all the labels Various artist EPs along with releases on other labels such as Pareidolia and Klasse Wrecks. Dawl’s musical style comes from his love of Electro, Hip Hop, Detroit style Techno, Bleep and Bass, Acid House, Chicago House and Breakbeat in its many forms such as B-Boy breaks, early 90s Hardcore and Jungle. This is strongly reflected in the music he produces and the music he buys and plays in his sets. Dawl has always had a passion for mixing and collecting records since he got his first set of turntables back in 1989 and began to DJ mainly around London and Essex in the early 90s under his real name Darren Woollard, he later adopted the name Dawl which was originally his Graffiti Writing tag. Dawl plays and produces music in the same way he writes Graffiti borrowing and mixing styles from the golden age of dance music culture.

Next Suburban Mix: MASAFUMI TAKE



01. B01 - Lost Trax
02. Love Is Acid - Bloody Mary
03. Planet Play - William The Squid
04. 2001 - Interplanetary Criminal
05. Do Da Dang - Nimam Spregleda
06. The Saturnian System - Lost Trax
07. Punishment - LA - 4A
08. Zone 3 - Intareality
09. Attituned - Otis
10. Critter - Vid Vai
11. Beats Intravenously - Dawl
12. Dungeon Masters - Corp
13. Jest Nadzieja - Seltron 400
14. Gravity Well - Escape Earth