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The 109th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

This show with guest: AKME

"Born and raised in the suburbs of Potsdam, Akmê first developed his penchant for electronic music in the middle of the 2000s. He soon found a home and outlet for his musical exploits at Spartacus Potsdam, a club which helped shape him both musically as well as socially. Having organised numerous events and sampling all of the delights suburbia had to offer, he was drawn to the bustling metropole of neighbouring Berlin. Here he quickly attained a foothold in the music scene at ://about blank; a move which blossomed into a residency in 2014. Akmê's sets are known for their diversity, they are profound improvisational odysseys which explore deep planes of emotions. Though if there is one thing they achieve above all else, it is that they will make you move. Simply put: Techno with groove."

Next Suburban Mix by DAWL will be out on the 25th of July