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The 108th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

This show with guest: AUDIOLUX

This guy coming from Extremadura with clear tendency for proper sounds of dark waves and gothic rock; Audiolux is influenced from very young age by the electronic musical movement of Madrid in the 90, the called ebm imported from Germany and other countries of the north of Europe, and he led by artists like Nietzer Ebb, Front 242 or Split Second. His inspiration and active incursion in the world of the musical production comes something later, on having fallen in love irremediably with the purest techno when it discovers artists as Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills, British Murder Boys and Female between others, and its productions are not late in standing out with a clear Anglo-Saxon slope and a sound to the purest style of Birmingham, emphasizing its Skill and skill after the plates. In his young age, we could already see sharing cabin in the best clubs and festivals of the country with international artists of the size of Jeff Mills, Regis, James Ruskin, Christian Wünsch, Oscar Mulero, Inigo Kennedy, and many others. In his transfer to Barcelona in 2012 gives him the opportunity to expand its trajectory and also to be part of the team of Insert (insertclub.com) from 2013, one of the Techno Club's more important of the country (Razzmatazz, Lolita) . In 2016 and residing already in Barcelona, there throws along with its associate and friend, Jordi Martinez (a.k.a RubbleBødy) the stamp of electronics “Speaks Silence“, stamp with a clear line techno, and that shares name with the musical project together of both artists, a completely analogical live set of forceful and dark techno. It is already consolidated like one of the big dj from techno at national level. Its big versatility does that in its sets we could travel so much to distant places with the sounds ambient deeper and atmospheric as dance up to burning the track with the darkest and forceful techno.

Next Suburban Mix by AKME will be out on the 18th of July



01. Oscar Mulero - Drone
02. Desroi - Neapykanta
04. Function - Intro (Varience)
03. ASC - Curvature
04. Edit Select - Last Seen Leaving
05. Regis - Fragment 4
06. Shifted - White Flare
07. Kwartz - Over A Sign Recognition
08. Anthony Linell - Dissolvement
09. Svarog - Late Time
10. SSTROM - Sienna
11. Reeko - Damage #1
12. Kwartz - Body Sedation
13. Rommek - Rhyolite
14. Seleccion Natural - Evolution
15. Desroi - Apnykti
16. Blawan - North
17. Birth Of Frequency - The Woman By My Side
18. Synebot - X-Press (Steve Stoll remix)