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The 102th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

This show with guest: PRIMAL CODE

Introspective, nostalgic and hypnotic. These are the adjectives that describe the sounds of the young Italian duo Primal Code. Gabriele and Davide come from Milano, a musically very active city to form artistically. They immediately jumped into the scene with slow melodies and sumptuous grooves found in their first EP "Eteru", released by Hypnus Record. Last January they reconfirmed themselves with the second EP "Artemisia", this time on Konstrukt, which is getting an excellent response. A lot of other their original tracks can be listened on “the Memoir” podcast series, where you can find a focus hour of their whole music. A personal and musical experience emerges in the songs, creating an atmosphere in which all listeners’ senses are involved and projecting them into a sentimental level. Their music is an expression of a primordial instinct that dwells in all of us.

Next Suburban Mix by MEJLE will be out on the 20th of June



01. Architectural - Cubismo 8.4 (Lost In Buenos Aires II)
02. Answer Code Request - Meta
03. Yotam Avni - Luna
04. Bambounou - VVVVV
05. Radius - Etherscapes (Variant Reform)
06. Steevio - Pendulum
07. Border One - Curve
08. Ruff Cherry - Mysterians
09. Xylème - Cyclical Phenomenon
10. Claudio PRC - Mystic Garden
11. Aleksi Perälä - Unknown
12. Primal Code - Shikimico Part II (Unreleased)
13. Primal Code - Alhambra
14. Nocow - Vdaleke
15. Odes Of The Kabatians - Varsovie I
16. Eximia - Abyss (feat.Lukas Tvrdon)
17. BLNDR - The Castle In The Sky