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The 098th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue This show with guest: BERLIN BUNNY

Berlin Bunny aka Izabella Chrobok is a multi-task-artist based in Berlin/Asia with strong punk, industrial, alternative music background, where her danceable mixes contain combination of modern electronic techno vibes, new wave, ebm, post punk and some old school and trashy sounds from 90 or 80. She is a vinyl collector who have decided recently to share her music collection with the public.

Next Suburban Mix by ASTRONOMY DOMINE will be out on the 23rd of May



01. Iron Court - Clouds
02. Romance Disaster - Boy
03. Regulär - Auxsex
04. Equitant - Dynamism
05. Luct Melod - Cacoethes
06. Sally Dige - Holding On
07. David Carretta, Workerpoor - Believe the Machine (Molecule Remix)
08. Iron Court - Source Of Rips And Stabs
09. Poor Decisions - Workout
10. Forces - World in Focus
11. Renderes - KSM
12. Umwelt - Density#3
13. Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music
14. Ansome - Snake Eyes
15. Millimetric - Relapsing
16. Shrouds - Rectify the World
17. Dust - She Woke Up In Water