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The 096th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: ENFANT TERRIBLE

Enfant Terrible is a Dutch independent record label for music and was founded in 2004. The focus is on electronic / experimental (pop) music in styles such as elektro-wave, (post-)techno and ambient. Sublabels are Gooiland Elektro and Vrystaete. Enfant Terrible was one of the first to start to give recognition and attention to the pioneers of minimal electronics / proto-elektro / avant-garde pop / experimental electronic pop music from the early 1980’s. Next to that it is one of the few labels in this field of music that truly invests in the development of new talents in this music tradition. Many releases are considered cult classics today… Labelboss M. organises and dj's since 1999... starting out as a new wave dj and playing a lot of EBM, elektro-wave and new beat ever since. More recently teaming up with Alacidus and dj'ing back 2 back as "Enfant Terrible"... they play acid, (early/dark) techno and combine this with elektro, wave, EBM, new beat, synth stuff and also industrial depending on the party, setting, context... we like to play hard and rough and dirty and we play always vinyl only sets… Together they played asEnfant Terrible at different places from small parties to larger crowds... from art galleries to street raves... dj’ing everywhere with a focus on the more unfamiliar / obscure tracks and a mix of classics to find the right combination for the dance floor… and always crossing styles and decades…

Next Suburban Mix by ARTIK will be out on the 09th of May



01. Years Of Denial – We Operate On Each Other
02. The Sixteen Steps – Promises On The Run
03. Utroid – Where Evil Dwells
04. Disciples Of Chaos - Untitled
05. Nostromo – Freeze
06. Front Line Assembly – Body Count
07. Umwelt – Delinkant
08. Necro Death Mort - Sedan
09. Codex Empire – Savage Dispensary
10. Zanias – To The Core (Unhuman remix)
11. The Soft Moon – Without (Codex Empire remix)
12. The Exaltics - Untitled
13. BH8080303 – Signals… The Acid Planet Is In Sight
14. Desiderius and James Daltan – State Of Acid Trash
15. Desintegrator – In The Sun
16. Suicide Commando - Traumatize
17. Starkid - Untitled
18. Ersatz Olfolks – Irradiated
19. Max Dahlhaus - Kurasuta
20. ЯTRA – Pagan Rites