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The 094th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: VITTORIO DI MANGO

Vittorio Di Mango is an Italian DJ/producer from the class of 97 who was born in Trani, a small city in the South of Italy. His sets are characterized by a weaving of modern techno, with sounds such as acid, industrial and EBM. In September 2016, the four-track debut “Wrong definition” EP was released on Berlin-based, AMOK Tapes. Solidifying an affiliation with the label, Vittorio later contributed to the “Kommando Kompilation” with Blush Response, Unhuman, Alexey Volkov, Ontal, Human Performance Lab and more. In January 2017, his first remix “Prepare to Die” on NEN Records was released. In April of the same year, “Epilessia” was inaugurated, his first track on vinyl with I Hate Models through London-based, Khemia records.

Next Suburban Mix by SEBASTIAN KOKOW will be out on the 2nd of May



01. Devastor Execution - Il Canto Della Resistenza
02. Broken English Club - Thee Art Ov Metals
03. Micro Chip League - Le Dance
04. Vittorio di Mango - (unreleased)
05. Unconscious - Ribellion
06. Welt In Scherben - Leichentanz
07. P.E.A.R.L. - HOG I
08. Vittorio di Mango - (unreleased)
09. Deutsch Nepal -Ich Steh'im Regen (Ancient Methods Edit)
10. Vittorio di Mango - Dream
11. Phase Fatale - Skyscraper
12. Two Sided Agency-Eyes Wide Shut
13. Kill Memory Crash - T. Bombay
14. Raffaele Attanasio - Credible Threat ft. Douglas J. McCarthy (Ancient Methods' Pogo Im Saurebad)
15. DEVILFISH - Live 1999
16. Bakteria - Werther Effekt