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The 086th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: BIRTH OF FREQUENCY

set recorded at Cassette, Madrid (05.12.2017)

Nostalgic of the Techno of the nineties, passionate by this time that saw the birth of a rough Techno, purified and incisive, Birth of Frequency aims ,through music, at the expression of certain thoughts and abstract feelings. First ( and always ) a D.J., the live is the best way for him of materializing his vision of the Techno "in a transitory way" .He daily questions himself in order to deliver services and productions increasingly more personal and refined. His music, simple and" innocent" is the picture of his character. Polegroup, Construct Re-Form, Enemy or else Granulart Ltd, as many renowned labels that have opened up to him so that he could express himself and make his music evolve. Each record is in interaction with the others . They each bring a part of the story that Birth of Frequency wants to tell. More than a passion, a work, music is a life style for him.

Next Suburban Mix by DJ TLR will be out on the 28th of February



01. Peter Van Hoesen - Circumference 12
02. Tadeo - A new leader. The machine replaces the man
03. Oscar Mulero - Higia
04. Zadig - Daedalus
05. Staffan Linzatti - Early Days
06. Marco Shuttle - Flusso Dinamico
07. Rodhad - Kinder der Ringwelt (Donato Dozzy Remix)
08. Skee Mask - Palo Alto
09. Pär Grindvik - Culture Road
10. Randomer - Rye
11. Matrixxman - Bad Acid
12. Peter Van Hoesen - Cartesian Taiko
13. Dj Deep - Stressin
14. Robert Hood - Idea
15. Kaelan - Odissey
16. Museum - Fabel
17. Marcel Dettmann - Deluge
18. Aroy Dee - City Of Others (Paul du Lac Rhythm Rework)
19. Claro Intelecto - Hurt
20. Peter Van Hoesen - Shadows & Concern
21. Dj Deep - Stressed
22. Volte-Face - Blatchington Mill (Wata Igarashi’s Stairway Remix)
23. Ma Spaventi - Falla! (Made Out)
24. Oscar Mulero - Spacial Sequence Synesthesia
25. Pacou - 9616
26. Robert Hood - I Am
27. Mslwe & Steve Stoll - E121
28. Peter Van Hoesen - ENtropic Dub
29. Surgeon - Wave
30. Randomer - Rendell Pips
31. Matrixxman - I Am Matrix
32. Oscar Mulero - Misophonia
33. Groof - Past Masters