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The 083rd of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: MEN

Jose Manuel Llamazares musical career under the alias “Men” goes back to the early 90s which was a key moment for electronic music in northern Spain. His career begins with his first professional residency at the Paranox Club in Gijón. Soon after Men was already acting in the most famous clubs in the region such as La Real de Gijon , Avilés Locomotive , Chemistry Club , Garden Room , club Tik … among others. In 1994 he joined the roster of residents at Whipporwill and La Real in Oviedo, two of the most emblematic clubs in the history of electronic music in Spain. His sessions delve in different aspects of electronic music, without ever losing techno´s essence and the seriousness that characterizes it. Throughout his musical career he has performed all over the national club scene. Venues like Radical, OH Marbella, Budda del Mar in Puerto Banus , La Casa Rosa in Marbella, Club Cabin and Shelter in Valladolid, the Delphi rooms and Ponferrada, Club Velvet in Leon , club -lounge Snow Sierra Nevada, City hall, Moog , Macarena or Towers of Avila in Barcelona, performing with artists such as Surgeon , Exium , Laurent Garnier, Pfirter , Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero , Angel Molina , Marco Carola , Moodymann , Der Dritte Raum , Shifted , Developer and many others … Men currently lives in Barcelona and is part of the collective artists under the Technodrome roster, and is also resident at the consolidated techno club, Insert. His projection in 2017 is to put on sale his first references of his own label, with his partner Serkin from Technodrome Bcn collective. The label will have their own productions with the close cooperation of many international techno artists.

Next Suburban Mix by DANIELE COSMO will be out on the 7th of February



01. Makaton - There To Here
02. Roll Dann - Classe D
03. Lewis Fautzi - Optic Chiasm
04. Leiras - Levia Ten
05. Rhomb - Helix
06. 1800 Haight Street - Diagonal Iris
07. Asymptote - Belief System (Oscar Mulero remix)
08. HD Substance - Receptor
09. Bas Mooy - Ravage
10. Scorp - New energy
11. HD Substance - Rapt Parallels
12. Tensal - Redoubts
13. Kwartz - Ötzi
14. Sigha - Down (Function Remix)
15. P.E.A.R.L. - Body Arched
16. Pris - Etiquette
17. Sleeparchive - Five Cubes On Twenty
18. Lewis Fautzi - Ancient Way
19. Joey Beltram - Drome