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The 081st of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: Bombardier

Jason Snell is a prolific multidisciplinary artist whose work spans the field of electronic music, technological development, and film. His primary project is Bombardier, which became a shaping influence on the hardcore and experimental music scenes of the late 90’s (Drop Bass Networks, Hangars Liquides, Vinyl Communications). His music explores elements of drum n bass, industrial, and techno, while always containing a signature sound that is uniquely his own. Bombardier has performed at shows and festivals throughout North America and Europe including DEMF and the main stage at Even Furthur. He has shared stages with artists of all genres including Perc, Fixmer McCarthy, Adam X, Cell Injection, Architect, Author & Punisher, Baseck, End User, Delta 9, and Christoph De Babalon. On the technological side, he had designed and built experimental interfaces for over 15 years, most notably creating an artificial intelligence for an iOS generative sequencer called Refraktions. He has coordinated with the Ableton team in implementing their Link technology into his apps and does regular user testing for Native Instruments in Berlin. His film work includes making musical scores for independent and horror films, the first of which premiered at Sundance. More recently he has moved into the director role with his first film “Fever” which was an official selection at the Berlin Independent Film Festival

Next Suburban Mix by MARC ASH will be out on the 25th of January



01. Mondkopf - 33,000 Bells
02. Pact infernal - Nitimur In Vetitum
03. Ben Frost - Threshold of Faith
04. Oake - Erstes Buch - Desterieh l’Remm
05. wk[es] - One
06. Talker - Meniscus (feat. Kerridge)
07. Rrose - Onceless
08. Periskop - North IV
09. Kanding Ray - Rubi
10. Alessandro Adriani - Rituals (707 EBM Version)
11. Phase Fatale - Spoken Ashes
12. Blush Response - Beyond Flesh
13. Bombardier - Coil