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The 075th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: FALLBEIL

Fallbeil, two soon-to-be men (aka boys), finish tracks at the rate of butchers kneading meatballs. Due to laziness and a lack of technique, everything gets recorded on one track and immediatelythrown into the frier. Nothing is planned. They released several 12"es on labels such as Contort Yourself, Terminal Operations, Hafenschlamm, Mannequin Records usw.

Next Suburban Mix by STOJCHE will be out on the 13th of December



01. Wosto - Zwangsjacke [unreleased]
02. Kluentah - Diabolik [unreleased]
03. Wosto - Straßenkämpfer Wibberg [unreleased]
04. Fallbeil - Drinkin Petroleum [upcoming release]
05. Fallbeil - Iron Lungs [upcoming release]
06. Kluentah - Ecosys [unreleased]
07. Wosto - Gesichtselfmeter [unreleased]
08. Fallbeil - Spoil the Girl [Boidae 003]
09. Fallbeil - Rolling Dutch [Valcrond Video 027]
10. Kluentah - Like Dis [unreleased]
11. Fallbeil - Creme de Brulee [unreleased]
12. Fallbeil - Klerasil Testgelände [unreleased]