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The 074th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: ZARKOFF

Croatian musician/dj Zarkoff, known for his solo production and several collabs and bands (Sumerian Fleet, FFFC etc.) has been active for more than 10 years. His releases vary in style from post punk to techno and can be found on labels such as Dark Entries, Kraftjerkz, Enfant Terrible/Gooiland Elektro, Unknown Pleasures Records etc. Apart from music production he's also working as a mastering engineer in his Sensorium studio, which allows him to get a lot of yet unreleased material from labels such as Creme Org, Repartiseraren, Raw Culture, Raw Paper and others, allowing him to make unique selections for occasional dj mixes. Currently an LP on Medical Records is in preparationfor a collab project consisting of 8 musicians under the name Lab Personell, with recordings from Synth Lab sessions.

Next Suburban Mix by FALLBEIL will be out on the 6th of December



01. A. Maiovvi - Black Flowers
02. Person:A - Venus
03. Dan White - S I tape
04. Birdy Evans - Last Body Perspective
05. Bronze Teeth - Tapeworm
06. Romansoff - Bundle of acid
07. ikonal x Zarkoff x LCN - unnamed
08. Klinik - Memories (SDOU restructure)
09. Le Chocolat Noir - Voyage d'Espirit
10. Ivna Ji - Subsolar
11. Cyborgs On Crack - I'm dissolving
12. Person:A - Another eye
13. Boris Divider - Parallel (Juanpablo remix)
14. Unit Moebius - Dreamscape 500
15. Echo 106 - Copy Ins Del
16. Luca Lozano - Come with me
17. Nautilus - Alphaville
18. Carter USM - Anytime Anyplace Anywhere