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The 072nd of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: SSSS

As a monicker, S S S S is an exercise in difference and repetition, reducing trained musician and producer Samuel Savenberg’s name to a string of basic elementsall equal and different. Repetition as a mean of conceptual transport and physical transformation is integral to all forms of expression that aim for a wider understanding of reality within the realm perception, as it is to the reproductive process of knowledge itself. Savenberg has released his music on various labels such as Haunter Records, aufnahme+wiedergabe or Hallow Ground. His latest release „Guilt“ came out only recently and blends together his musical influences raging from early Electronic Avantgarde compositions, Industrial Techno to UK Grime and whatnot. Not for the purists.

Next Suburban Mix by 2030 will be out on the 22nd of November



01. Johan Johannson - Escape
02. LJV - Event Horizon
03. Truss - Ganymede (Perc Dub Remix)
04. Konkurs - Plasma
05. S S S S - Time Will Spit On You
06. mace. - Outro
07. British Murder Boys - Be Like I am
08. Killawatt - Mate Choice
09. Talker - (Gold) Standard
10. Pact Infernal - Transmutation
11. S S S S - unreleased
12. S S S S - unreleased
13. Operant - Cheekbone Element
14. Martina Lussi - Never Touched
14. Lemna - Daub
15. S S S S - unreleased