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The 057th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: BEAT MOVEMENT

The accuracy of a beginning reversed into the fame of a dance floor. Moreover, if the colours of adventure don't meet the pages that toll the art in the Beat of a complete tape, the notes beat the breathing of the effort. Becoming great is not easy, nowadays, nevertheless, tenacity is always the key for achievement.

Making music is like making up a passional virus and waiting for its transmission having the same faith of those who have always believed firmly in what they do. A sound that recalls the old classics of the melancholy Detroit passing gradually in the deep Berlin tone. The distortion on the wave of the UK has led them to conceive an absolutely innovating style, full of the teachings of the Old School, model and example of the fans of the genre. A full confidence in their dream has moved the obstinacy of Beat Movement's boys, who are,today, owners and co-founder together with D-Leria of the main electronic music labels and similar, the analogic recording DLBM.

A mix that founds its abilities on the back to back between the belonging artists; that sound mingles with the torpedo of a plentiful and delicate musical origin. Everything seems to fall asleep on the blinking of half open music, only for an hour, only for the pleasure of being closed again. From Salento to the first lights of the metropolitan Rome, lose yourselves in the dance floor , let yourselves be carried away by a bit of desire; wherever you want to be, music is nothing but the art of a Journey, that always starts with the confidence of those who listen to it for the composer's sake.

Next Suburban Mix by LUIS RUIZ will be out on the 9th of August



01. Kerridge - Trn
02. Enformig - Ruptio (Stanislav Tolkachev remix)
03. Judas - Revulsion I
04. Beat Movement - Quiddich (Unreleased)
05. Regis - Adolescence
06. Elektrabel - Fullon
07. Secret Cinema - Acid Come
08. Cnc, Kobold-Smelling - Objects
09. Endlec - Rhythm 387
10. Daniele Paduano - Data Entry
11. Løt.te - 15.07.2016
12. Umwelt - Blind Submission