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The 056th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: LE CHOCOLAT NOIR

Le Chocolat Noir aka Honored Matres is hailing from the Croatian industrial city of Sisak. His vision of clubbing was formed in the Zagreb underground parties in ’91/’92 dancing lost in the smoke under strobe lights along with other freaks. Following more then a decade of being music lover and clubber, LCN started DJing in the beginning of the Millennium and produced his first tracks in 2005. He describes his production as cold/noir electronica that is not limited to a specific genre, mixing his blend of electro, EBM, minimal wave and techno. LCN performes with hardware and live vox.

Fairly hyperproductive, he self-released three audio cassettes over the last several years and the next one is out in 2017. His tracks and remixes were released on Frigio, Charlois, Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder, Attractive!, Mélodies Souterraines, Kraftjerkz, In The Dark Again, Bordello A Parigi, InClub Records, Soundtravels, Romance Moderne, Crème Organization, Basic Unit Productions, Adriatiko, Home Made Electronica, NAUK and Wave Records. 2017 will see an EP release on Gooiland Elektro and appearance on Mechatronica.

During the last six years LCN is selecting and playing a wide range of music in his radio show Disco Panonia on the Den Hague based Internet radio Intergalactic FM and is also, together with Zarkoff, a member of Florence Foster Fan Club (FFFC). He is a resident member of Zagreb’s Brave Crew and Ljubljana’s Elektroliza.

Next Suburban Mix by BEAT MOVEMENT will be out on the 2nd of August



01. Electric Sewer Age – Moon's Milk (Eternal Phase)
02. Ian Martin – Hyper Normalization
03. Borusiade - Confutation
04. Blackmoon77 – Intention To Work (45rpm)
05. Gavom - Venom
06. Annanan & Maroje T. – Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality
07. Identified Patient – Vrouwe Fataal feat. Sophie du Palais
08. Collin Gorman Weiland – Indenture & Stone
09. Alessandro Adriani – One Minute (After Death)
10. Throbbing Gristle – X-Ray (Edit)
11. Steve Summers – Artificial Light
12. Europ Europ – Desert Moon Over Me (45rpm)
13. Pyramid Club - Reactivated
14. Die Kartoffel – Welcome To Drexciya
15. Helena Hauff – btdr1123
16. Afik Naim - Saturniidae
17. The Hacker - Still
18. Grand Mal X – Speed Of Light
19. Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena