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The 055th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: SIMONE GATTO

Southern Italian artist Simone Gatto, versatile dj and producer, is an eclectic, philosophy-graduated dance music activist who finds into music a dynamic source of emotions, reminds and energy. Since he was young, he has been exploring the charm of discovering and possessing records together with his father, a huge source of love and musical curiosity. Over the years, Simone has meant music as a possibility of communication, as a result of personal inspirations, as a bridge for getting in touch with people. Consequently, Simone’s music conception doesn’t stick only to the club environment or to pure home-listening: he considers music as a vital source for reaching interior wellness, as a way to communicate successfully, as a means to relieve or cure any wound whatsoever.

Simone’s first contact with music was early in 2004 and since then, he’s been known for globe-trotting around the world to perform quality house and techno shows and managing his own label Out Electronic Recordings with his partner Andrea Santoro, releasing music from relevant house and techno artists like Juan Atkins, The Analogue Cops, Christopher Rau, Efdemin, Orlando Voorn, Ed Davenport, Legowelt, Conforce and many others. Simone has performed in clubs like :// about blank, OHM (Berlin), Output (NYC), Le Rouge Pigalle (Paris), showcasing a singular aesthetics united with a solid selection criterion. As a producer, he released his own works mostly on OUT-ER plus a restricted number of realities like Orlando Voorn’s Night Vision, Subwax BCN’s sub label Vosnos and Raw Waxes from Haiku. He recently released his debut album Detachment for the American label and event platform Sheik’n’Beik, consisting in a rising journey in between ambient, electronic and techno excursions.

The variety of experiences and musical stimuli has brought Gatto to research the music potential together with the Italian University San Raffaele on an ever-increasing scientific and emotional scale. The results have led to the organization of several seminars and workshops, organized through Out Electronic Recordings and happening in between Italy, Germany and Holland, in which artists and music industry experts examine the relationship between sounds and emotions from diverse perspectives. The tangible findings and collected depositions will be put out on a book to be published in late 2017, together with a new album, into which the personal path of the artist and the musical context he’s studied and lived, will be offered to the world of music enthusiasts. Simone’s world may be serene, deep and sensitive at the same time – but it’s always been an intense place to enjoy.

Next Suburban Mix by LE CHOCOLAT NOIR will be out on the 26th of July



01. Laksa - Rest with my Blues - ITX011(Unreleased)
02. Simone Gatto - Laguna - PV02 (Unreleased)
03. Exos - Hnjask - X/OZ
04. Aubrey - Journey Over the Blue Planet - (Unreleased)
05. Museum - Fabel - AREA018
06. Sentomea - Fluid - 123dsr - Delsin
07. Herva - Snow and Clouds - Delsin
08. Simone Gatto - Holographic Drama - OUTA07 (Unreleased)
09. Jonas Kopp - Aile - Tresor
10. Bruce - I'm Alright Mate (Asusu Remix)
11. Conforce - Suspense - Propaganda Moskow
12. Bnjmn - Syzygy - Tresor
13. Plastic - No Language - THL011
14. Shanti Celeste - Hinoki - Dekmantel
15. Maurizio - Ploy (UR Mix) - UR
16. Etch - Predator - Green Village 008
17. Simone Gatto - Il Canto dell'Anima - OUTA07 (Unreleased)