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The 051st of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: COSIMO DAMIANO

Cosimo Damiano alias Brosda is a Roman DJ producer constantly looking for truth, he is able to maintain its trademark always producing different music. He is well known for is production on UN.T.O., OBS.CUR, LNEG, the label Deltaplanet he run with his villainous crew TKP and for his audacious and courageous improvisation during his live sets.

Next Suburban Mix by GLOS will be out on the 28th of June



01. Antenes - The Track Of A Storm
02. Alien Rain - Alienated 4b
03. Inevitech - Prophets Of The Atomic Age
04. NVDA - Faia (Unreleased)
05. A Black Reality - Inevitable Disaster
06. Cosimo Damiano - Classico
07. Mono Junk - Prince Of The Night
08. Cosimo Damiano - Ceiling Sweaty(Unreleased)
09. Cosimo Damiano - Sky Never Answer
10. I-F - Shadow Of The Clown
11. Legowelt - Congo Zombie
12. NVDA .- Octo(Unreleased)
13. Tuning Circuits - We Rule The World
14. Farron - Cerrome
15. Alien Rain - Alienated 2a
16. Black Merlin - Proto World
17. Cosimo Damiano - Unnamed (Unreleased)
18. Drone - Mind Catcher
19. Cosimo Damiano - Unnamed (Unreleased)