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The 049th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: THE CLAIRVOYANTS

The Clairvoyants are a trio of London-based DJs, consisting of Shax, Jason H and Spectralband, who operate with a very specific vision…. Immersive music focused on drive, momentum and hypnotic properties! They are currently mostly renowned for their weekly radio show on London’s infamous legal radio station Rinse 106.8 FM, Sunday’s from 0200-0500 UTC which had been running since 2008 to 2013 and has been pivotal in pushing Techno to new audiences worldwide. In this time they have earned recognition and support from many established artists within the underground music scene both in the UK and overseas. Although The Clairvoyants have been operating as a unit since 2008, as individuals they all have long extensive backgrounds within the music industry spanning over two decades and have always been drawn to the heavier and more twisted sides of dance music so it was perhaps inevitable that they would be drawn towards Techno. In 2013 Spectralband went on to set up www.seanceradio.co.uk an online radio station which has since spawned in to a record label and agency www.seance.agency as well as his self-titled Spectralband label and monthly radio show. Around the same time, together they set up The Clairvoyants Presents: podcast and Shax & Jason H can currently be heard weekly on London’s Housefm.net

Next Suburban Mix by REEKO will be out on the 14th of June



01. Donato Dozzy, Voices From The Lake & Neel - Drop 3
02. Voices From The Lake - Ibrida
03. Rrose - Mirror
04. Mike Parker - Invisible Arms
05. Monoline - Larkhill (Fixeer Remix)
06. Max Durante - Biocentrism (Donato Dozzy Remix)
07. Mod21 - Everything That An Elder Can Lose
08. Unam Zetineb - Coporation
09. BLNDR - HyperMental (Diving Mix)
10. Alex Oliver - NVD (Qeel Remix)
11. Edit Select - 12
12. Unam Zetineb - Radiant 2
13. Jonas Kopp - Voices In My Head (Dub)
14. Darkcell - Phobos 2.0