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The 046th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: VØNSHK

This 'Brit is literally the mystical touch of the Nocturnal Frequencies Records crew. For ever buried in the deep sounds of the lowest-pitched chords offered by an electric guitar, he decided to extend his journey to great depths, through the experimental strata that the endless musical world could offer him. His first mentor was Brian Eno, and his numerous ambient lives, with which he began his approach of deep, spellbinding musical frequencies.

From these first inspirations, Vønshk let himself slowly guide by his strong taste for minimalist notes, peppered by oppressive bass lines, to more than surprising a result, combining EBM, Hypnotic, Organic and Rave styled influences. Thanks to his paradoxical and hardened eurhythmics, the 'Ex-Pat" Londoner is the element that has got so many heads turning.

Next Suburban Mix by FUTURE 16 will be out on the 24th of May



01. A R D - In The Presence Of A Purist
02. Morphology - Frozen State
03. Acronym - Nautilius
04. Alderaan - Shelter
05. BLNDR - Stellar
06. Imago - Auree
07. Tommy Four Seven - UUU
08. Lauer - Esc
09. Ancient Methods - When All Is Said And Done
10. Melania - Confirmatio (Codex Empire Remix)
11. UVB - Head For Head
12. Drax - Amphetamine
13. Spirit - Re-Dial