The 044th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: AL FEROX

Al Ferox, also named Alessandro F., is an italian musician and producer, founder of the labels Dancefloor Killers, Kobayashi and Scream. He ran away from Italy to France at the age of 17, all that kept him going was his love for music. He got his first inspiration from his brothers vast record collection from 70’s listening bands as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Zappa, early Genesis stuff, then being profoundly inspired by the 80’s punk industrial metal, and new wave scene.

End of 80’s he played bass guitar in different new wave and punk bands in France. Early 90’s he founded « X-Rated-X » an industrial metal duo inspired by Ministry, Killing Joke, NIN… and began to use samplers, sequencers and drum machines. After this experience, Al Ferox discovered techno music and the rave scene. In 1997 he founded the label Kobayashi, where he produced his first techno releases, « The dream of the headless man », « Shaved trax » and « Car crash » was his biggest hits on Kobayashi. Also he produced artists such as Vitalic, Marco Carola, Woody Mc Bride, Oscar Mulero, Stanny Franssen, Gaetano Parisio, C.Denza and more. Scream, his second label was an acid techno project where he produced four vinyl releases. In 2001 he founded « Dancefloor Killers » a Kobayashi’s subdivision, more dedicated to electro and dark techno music.

The first record on DK was « VitalFerox – Absolut ep » a collaboration with Vitalic, which was a big hit. Later followed release and collaborations with the Hacker, David Carretta, Hakan Lidbo, Anibert, Krivoi Rog, Xenia Beliayeva, Jonathann Cast, Woody Mc Bride and more.

Next Suburban Mix by DE vs TROIT will be out on the 10th of May



01. Al Ferox - Frankenstein [Dancefloor Killers] (out soon)
02. Al Ferox - Carne Cruda [Kobayashi]
03. Ken Utterson - Domination [Al Ferox remix]
04. Luciano Lamanna - The Regulator [Kobayashi]
05. Domenico Crisci - Body Punishment [Opal tapes]
06. Luciano Lamanna -  Stato Brado (Al Ferox remix) [Dancefloor Killers]
07. Thomas P.Heckmann - Das ende von liede (Al Ferox remix) [AFU ltd]
08. Al Ferox - Cannibale [Kobayashi]
09. Al Ferox - The summer is coming  [Audio Riots] (unreleased)
10. Al Ferox - Tanz der teufel [Kobayashi]
11. Ingen - Heavy R (Al Ferox remix) [Emetic records]
12. Al Ferox - Wargasm [Kobayashi]
13. Ayarcana - Euronymous [Scuderia]
14. ADSR SPQR - Religion (unreleased)