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The 043rd of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: WRONG ASSESSMENT

Born and raised in Milan, Wrong Assessment is a young DJ/producer influenced by Jeff Mills, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology and Splatter B-movies. Through his experience as a household name in DUDE CLUB’s line-ups and his endless brotherhood with Max_M, he refined his own take on techno. His debut (Toe Tag ep), a collaboration with Max_M, was signed to CW/A’s (Clockwork & Avatism) label Parachute Records and released at the beginning of 2015, quickly appealing to the likes of well known names of the scene.

He has continued to develop his style on “Unsuitable Therapy” (M_REC LTD 25), on "1004" (on M_REC, again together with Max_M) and on Parachute’s “Fabric Safety Apparatus Vol. I” with his "Weight of Truth (tier one)". On December 2015 he released "End of Contemplation ep", his first EP on Cleric's imprint "C L E R G Y".

In spite of his short career he has already performed in well known european clubs like Tresor Berlin, MMA in Munich, Space in Ibiza, Corsica Studios in London, Khidi in Tbilisi among many more. He is half of the Overall Severity project, together with Max_M.

Next Suburban Mix by AL FEROX will be out on the 3rd of May



01. Reflec - Passage (Ambient Mix)
02. Kike Pravda - Impulse
03. Unknown
04. Jorg_Rodriguez - Turbocharger
05. MTD - Execution
06. Kessell - Ecliptica 4
07. Israel Vines - WWKD (Silent Servant Remix)
08. Cirkle - Extra Terrestrial Research
09. Operator - Aer Fixus
10. Fundamental Interaction - Basic Acid Template
11. Rebekah - Code Black
12. Charles Fenckler - Stellar Acid
13. Wrong Assessment - Blindness
14. MTD - Materia
15. Stranger - Play Some Rave For Me
16. Wrong Assessment (Unreleased)
17. Scorp - Perdition