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The 041st of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: FARCEB

Farceb is the alter ego of Nicolàs Bornia, a young producer born in Buenos Aires. Some behind years ago began taking his first steps in music production and has experienced and developed a sound track as much study as having influence several producers of the old school.

His concept of music transcends the usual and offers a unique experience full of personality. He has edited music for various labels in Germany, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, Australia, France (ARTS, Natch Records, Prototype Sequence, Concerns Music, Circular LTD, Modul, Android Muziq, Unknown Territory, B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE, tripalium, Mindtrip) and shared cabin with several artists of the techno scene like Oscar Mulero, Jonas Kopp, Flug and others.

Next Suburban Mix by H PAUL will be out on the 19th of April



01. Samuli Kemppi - Industrial Lullaby
02. Fanon Flowers - Strong Interaction 2
03. Birth of Frequency - Wilderness
04. Stigmer - Biaural 2
05. Farceb - Zehuti
06. Sciahri - Illusion 07. Kessel - Sensorium (Reeko remix)
08. Samuli Kemppi - Ferrous patch
09. Judas - Revulsion II
10. Oisell - Massa
11. Moddullar - Kinetic Energy
12. Farceb - Apocalipsis 13.3
13. Farceb - Nairatmya
14. Farceb - Dremmyg
15. Farceb - Abnormal Psychology
16. Mike Parker - Ilium Sphere
17. Varg - I hope you are still here