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The 037th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: KILL REF

Kill Ref is the best known moniker of Alessandro Signore, a long standing italian dj & producer active since 1993 circa. He starts his own musical path with djing at several school related parties; but his already finest either passionate taste for the contemporary techno, the influence of that far so called The Sound Of Rome and electronic styles quickly begins by giving him some chances for playing at the best local venues at that time, the ones such as Movida, Giona, Zulu and Dinamik Area.

Then in the 2ks moving to Rome for some years effectively leads him towards a real passage through the scene indeed: after his first successful residency at the infamous "Upload" events at Brancaleone club, a venue has been like a mecca for any electronic sound in town for a long while, both the meaningful one shared with his roman friends Korova, Giulio Maresca, VSK and Conrad Van Orton at the "Glucose" different techno nights at Init club, he begins to be definitively considered under an international profile.

He will be in fact playing abroad at some high rated european clubs: in Berlin at Tresor and About Blank, where is regularly guested at Homopatik party for a marathon set; in London at Corsica Studios and The Egg; at Liquid Club in Malta.

At present he has founded his own label KR/LF Records (acronym of"Kill Ref Low Frequencies") releasing as his first 12" an ep by Endlec including remixes by Binny and Raffaele Attanasio aka x501 vs LFJ. While preparing to debut with an important american label during the year, Kill Ref is working hard for a solo forthcoming LP and adding some electronic-drums interventions to the first Wunderkammer Orchestra post-rock album.

Kill Ref is reluctant to any musical compromise and hates to be a prisoner of a sharp sound genre enclosure: his multifarious approach to the music is key way to stay open to the natural transformation ever involving our universe.

Next Suburban Mix by DRVG CVLTVRE will be out on the 22nd of March



01. Boris Divider - Parallel [Frigio]
02. D'Arcangelo - Score 5 [Rephlex]
03. Dez Williams - Hand on Mouth [Brokntoys]
04. The Exaltics - Every Beginning Has An End [Trust]
05. Metamatics - Clear The Floor [Neo Ouija]
06. Kero & Gotshell - Operation [Blueprint]
07. Kosmik Kommando - Internet Exploder [Rephlex]
08. Boston 168 - Terror Acid [Involve]
09. Kill Ref - Lowering Sight [KR/LF]
10. Endlec - Fight for the Power [Mord]
11. Luis Ruiz - Angal [CLFT]
12. Ghost in the Machine - Grills Gone Wild [Genosha Basic]
13. Edge Of Motion - Brel [Edge Of Motion]
14. Archivone - Acid Moments [Archivio 01]
15. WarinD - Basix M (Ingen Remix) [Asteroid]
16. Umwelt - Days of Dissent [Boidae]
17. Keepsakes - Get Off My Lawn (Interferon Remix) [Variance]
18. Autechre - Basscadet (bcdtrmx) [Warp]
19. Panacea - Reality (remix) [Position Chrome]