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The 031st of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: KASTIL

Kastil (Mario Castillo), operating from Vitoria-Gasteiz and with more than a decade of experience behind the decks, has been reinventing his sound as a producer since he appeared on stage with the first vinyl release in 2011 on his own label Soul Notes. Through it, he was very consistent with a wide stream of sounds, both from himself and other international artists, reflecting the sound diversity of his DJ sets, which lodge from the roots of house and acid, to techno and the most powerful experimental music.

His recent interest in field recordings, electroacoustics and the construction of physical and virtual instruments on platforms such as Max For Live, as well as his personal evolution and learning with modular synthesizers, have led him to a more experimental and analogical textures and sounds, reflected in his current releases, more oriented to techno, experimentation or ambient, as shown in his recent album "These Symptoms Are Not Accounted" for Eclectic Reactions label.

His actual skills with modulars and hardware machines, already recognized by several unconditional names of the electronic music world, took him to debut in 2016 his new live set exclusively with hardware, formed by several modular synthesizers and drum machines, where the improvisation is the predominant key, and builds music on the fly without prior preparation, creating and destroying ideas and sounds live, and thus giving a point of exclusivity to each performance.

With the born of his new vinyl label "Stale", he starts a new stage where sounds related to his roots as dj will take place. Cemented in techno of dark and abstract dyes, the new platform will focus on strong club music, and experimental, ambient or noise soundscapes, contributing with his most eclectic and personal vision to date, and involving himself in a new period full of great projects and new horizons.

Next Suburban Mix by MOTEKA will be out on the 1st of February



01. Kastil - Bastardos (Stale)
02. Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Version) (Blackest Ever Black)
03. Irazu - Sthamm (Stale)
04. J.C. - Path To Nirvana (Cabrera)
05. Desroi - Apnykti (Desroi)
06. Relaxer - Forming (Version) (Relaxer)
07. Somewhen - Null Drift (Unterton)
08. VSK - Attention (Genesa Records)
09. Asymptote - Chain Reaction (Reeko Remix) (Suburban Avenue)
10. Kwartz - Resolution (Order & Devotion)
11. Untold - Motion The Dance (Hemlock Recordings)
12. Kastil - Variable Penrose (Stale)
13. Hobi - Hindrance (Micol Danieli Remix) (030 Recordings)
14. Steve Bicknell - Why? + For Whom? (Surgeon Definition) (Cosmic Records)
15. Dave Simon - Traib (Planet Rhythm Records)
16. Janice - Untitled B1 (Janice)
17. Avion - Centum (Blind Observatory Remix) (Crossing)