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The 026th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: CLFT Militia

"Intransigence and involvement are two words that Sergio 69 and E-Care, the two Lyon based techno activists known as CLFT Militia, are taking more than literally. Growing up, Sergio 69 cut his teeth on New Wave in Grenoble "Techno city" while E-care was going strong on muscled up Techno in Valencia, Spain.

As they gathered as a DJ team, they brought hard and intense work in the rave scene of Lyon. First launched as a webzine project, CLFT slowly but surely evolved as a label releasing tapes and vinyls of finest techno names, working with artists like Samuli Kemppii, Thomas Hessler, Lee Holman, Ben Gibson, or italian based 2030.

Also organizing events with some of the most forefront names of the international circuit in their adopted town, they made themselves a name now established as a reference for the genre in France.

Playing in venues and events like Concrete, Machine Du Moulin Rouge in Paris, Tresor, Suicide Circus in Berlin but also Portugal, Greece, Italy, Belgium amongst other european countries, they are fiercely starting to expand their techno mastering all over the old continent.

Filling the gap between hard hitting techno and dark electro, they open a space dedicated to freedom, taking their references in the militant spirit of the early rave scene. They pay tribute to the original underground techno, allowing it to express as a music for the body and the mind.

As hard strugglers the two "compadres" are putting away attitudes and postures, but they still always give a certain interest in aesthetics and visual aspects, matching a high level of craft in their releases, events or features. As whole universe, CLFT resonates as a pure energy of techno.

Next Suburban Mix by DORIAN GRAY will be out on the 27th of December



01. London Modular Alliance - Moonbase
02. Phantom Love - Psychic June
03. London Modular Alliance - Fallow
04. Anodyne - Reflections Of A Broken Soul
05. Voiski - Incedium
06. Echo 106 - 100M Splutter
07. Privacy - New Wake Trace
08. Pontus Björland - Trust
09. Mono Junk - I Wanna Be (Electro Star)
10. Chris Mitchell - Descendants
11. Echo 106 - Frontal DN-2
12. Frak - Machines Drifting Away
13. Effective Weapons - Looping Blood
14. Tx Connect - Goodnight Moon Pt.1
15. Hardfloor - Rotten Scoundrels On Acid
16. Emil Seidel - Dance Of The Scorpion
17. Bogdan Dražić - Lokis