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The 022nd of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue

Fundamental Interaction is a DJ/Producer based in London, and has released music on CLFT and Krill Music. He also runs the label Dyad alongside Ben Gibson.

Next Suburban Mix by EKSERD will be out on the 30th of November



01. Arnaud Le Texier - Radar
02. Asymptote - Behind The Scene (Psyk Reduced Version)
03. Invite - Measure
04. Steve Bicknell - Passage Through Darkness
05. Varg - Illuminist
06. Mike Parker - Current V2 (Christian Wunsch remix)
07. Tensal - Saga
08. Setaoc Mass - Cyber
09. Jeff Derringer - Human Moments in WWIII (Giorgio Gigli Version)
10. Kessell - Addictive States
11. Cleric and Dax J - Sirius
12. Conrad Van Orton - Conditio Sine Qua Non
13. Walderz - Sad Industry (Keith Carnal remix)
14. Anders Hellberg - Contactee
15. Elad Magdasi - Hell Strike
16. Myler - Maybe