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The 021st of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: RIBE'

Ribé was born in 2015 as a way out to explore and create new sounds.

In addition to his works in Ex Aequo records, his track Deviation was included by Exium duo in a compilation to one of the most important labels which has a strong worldwide impact, Polegroup.

Based on that, he also made his solo debut in Aine records, sub-label of mighty Polegroup , with his Atop / Acute Ep, which have had the continuous support from Artists like Ben Klock, Óscar Mulero, Antigone...

Furthermore, is also remarkable his collaboration with Ed Davenport’s Counterchange records, reviewing some classic tunes of the label, with a remix that it’s about to be released..

Ribé is the synthesis of his life’s work devoted to Techno, openly, without standards but inflexibility, harshly and with an unwavering eagerness to understanding all kind of waveforms to create new sounds.

From next year onwards, besides his dj activities, Ribé will begin to perform based on a Modular setup, completely improvised, where we can observe directly the process of making music, quickly created but with a sense, sensitively and effectively.

Next Suburban Mix by FUNDAMENTAL INTERACTION will be out on the 23rd of November



01. Alva Noto - Verrox Solphaer
02. Klockworks - You
03. Steevio - Core (Echoplex remix)
04. Christian Morgenstern - Miscellaneous (Psyk remix)
05. Voices from The Lake - Ibrida
06. Aleksi Perala - UK74R1512120
07. Lapien - Searching
08. James Ruskin - Indirect World
09. Scorp - Repaired
10. Mike Storm - Beyond The Moon
11. Mike Parker - Ketos Troias
12. Developer - Outer Planetary Horn Calls
13. Lee Holman & Binny - Instructional
14. Stanislav Tolkachev - I Can't Wait Any Longer
15. Jonas Kopp - Akut
16. Tobias. - Lageos 1