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The 019th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: HERTZ COLLISION

Hertz Collision is a duo formed by Francesco Profeti and Pietro Franchini. They began to collaborate in making music since 2009 due to their musical taste.

They started to release music from 2014 on labels like Tono Limited, Serial Number 849, Concrete Music, Dynamic Reflection.

The duo was invited to Strasbourg by Munfaktur Crew to play next to Johanna Knutsson in 2015. Hertz Collision played also in Valencia and Naples.

In 2016 they got the chance to release on Invite's Choice Records next to Wrong Assessment and Savas Pascalidis. During last months they released on Percistence, and Uncage records.

Next releases are on Aine, the new platform of Pole Group, and on Frozen Border

In October Francesco played @Radion for the Dynamic Reflection showcase during the ADE.

Next Suburban Mix by EXAL will be out on the 9th of November



01. Donato Dozzy - Il Canto Della Maga
02. Architectural - Elastic Matter
03. Eric Cloutier - Raxeira (Dozzy remix)
04. Shifted - Drawn In
05. Vincenzo Maurice - Prototype
06. Pris - Whatever's Left To Say
07. Andrea - Choral
08. Shlomo - Escape From The Void
09. Antigone, Francois X - Love Trade
10. Hertz Collision - Plagede
11. Donato Dozzy - Terzo Giorno
12. Hertz Collision - Blind Feelings
13. December - Exponential Grow
14. Mental Resonance - Astronometric Precision