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The 007th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: MATISA

Born in Rome but resident in Perugia, Matisa has been part of the booking Neutra since 2013,flanking world’s famous djs since her early gigs.

Although she has a classical framework, acquired during childhood , her taste has expanded to contemporary electronic music borders, seizing sonorities ranging from acid techno to elektro passing through new wave and finally swooping into more mental and experimental sounds.

Matisa gives birth to explosive and exciting sets because she brings with her the exaltation typical of someone who has a passion to share, but that has already faced tough challenges in some of the most important Italian clubs [Rashomon Club, Lanificio159, Guendalina, Parco Gondar].

Her podcasts are also widely appreciated abroad.

Since 2015 she has been collaborating with the electronic music webzine NSV Worldwide, for which she cares Recommended section.

Flowers blossom making no sound, but they are the most intense and loud melody that there has ever been.

Next Suburban Mix by D-LERIA will be out on the 10th of August



1. Clemens Neufeld - Wicked [Neufeld]
2. Cleric - Breach [ARTS]
3. Fabrizio Lapiana - Massa [Blackwater Label]
4. Cleric - Debt Free Mann [ARTS]
5. Exium - Nucleoid [PoleGroup]
6. Birth of Frequency - Bad Tempered [Construct Re-Form]
7. Fabrizio Lapiana - Sinusvoid [Attic Records]
8. Myk Derill - Facial Features [Knotweed Records]
9. MTD - Marmo [Abstract Animal]
10. Dax J - Renegades of Conflict [Monnom Black]
11. Tim & Remco - The Room [X-Sub]
12. Keith Fielder & Steve Haley - Upload [M-Track]
13. Circuit Breaker - Overkill [Made in Detroit]
14. Clemens Neufeld - Wicked (Angel Alanis remix) [Neufeld]
15. *** - What is fic* di* [***]
16. Dan Zamani & Tim Taylor - Planet of drums 04 (Dj ESP remix)
17. Tim Baker - Jericho [Thrust]
18. Speedy J - Beam me up! [Warp Records]