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The 003rd of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue.
This show with guest: DRAFTED

A musician with an unconditioned love for all things music. Drafted starting playing the piano at the tender age of 9 and discovered electronic music at an early age.

Nowadays Drafted is a talented musician that released his first record back in 2014.

Highlight of his young carreer is without a doubt his collaboration with Orlando Voorn which led to releases on New Heroes and Nighttripper.

Soon after he started his own label MM Audio together with his Italian partner in crime Unthone. The label and his tracks got great support by heavyweight artists like Ryan Elliott, Ben Sims, Luke Slater, Rødhad, Francois X and Eric Cloutier, to name just a few.This is only the start as 2016 promises to be an exceptional year with more tracks to be released on Tripeo’s Balans Records ,MM audio, and more.

There’s one thing that stands out when you hear a Drafted track. Always focused around gloomy and introspective atmosphere where ambient and techno are harmoniously bounded together.

Specked with frequent allusions to the Detroit old school sound and highly effective on the dancefloor. Drafted is a timeless combination from past, present and future.

A timetrip unlike anything else.

Next Suburban Mix by MENTAL RESONANCE will be out on the 6h of July



1. Drafted - Targus
2. Stanislav Tokachev - Simple As A Miracle
3. Antigone - Night Adrift
4. Drafted- A Sounds From The Revenant
5. Surgeon - Deep
6. Marco Shuttle - Sing Like A Bird (Peter Van Hoesen remix)
7. Drafted - Beyond The Time Space
8. Mike Parker - Trough Cylinders
9. Drafted- Folder Draining
10. UVB - Second Life
11. Polar Inertia - Heil Frozen Over
12. Clay Wilson - Oizumi
13. Zadig - Quiet Orbit Around Gladia