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The 002nd of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue.
This show with guest: UNCODE

Everything is based on the sounds that are able to get into the minds of the people, the sounds dark and deep that lead one to close your eyes and concentrate only on the music, the sounds of Uncode turn every single noise in the harmony that involves him first and then all the people in front of him. He is able to touch and hypnotize the moods of people, leaving every problem behind them. An experimental gloomy techno, dark that envelops everything and everyone.

His sets are characterized by creating atmospheres that are formed depending on his mood that characterizes all his performances, even the tough ones, where the rhythms rise and industrial sounds, acid and deep echo in the walls of the premises, its sound ’s idea leads him to continue explorations to be able to discover new ways to frame his ideas to music.

He starts producing your own sounds with the release of his first EP “A light in the dark” on Affekt Recordings, linked to the club Affekt of Frosinone and Dens, two projects whose creator is Alex Dolby, which gives him the possibility to play at various events making it a resident of the club.

In early 2014 he launched his own label “Eufemia”.

Next Suburban Mix by DRAFTED will be out on the 29th of June



1. Prurient - I Understand You
2. Fanon Flowers - Never Enough Remastered
3. Regis - Careless Pedestrian
4. Rino Cerrone - Optical Way
5. Devilfish - Manalive
6. Ben Sims, Paul Mac - Human
7. DJ Spider - Clouded Vision
8. $on of a Bitch - Venice Bitch
9. Throbbing Gristle - Discipline
10. Einstürzende Neubauten - Kollaps
11. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosis Dead